Programmes Offered :
India’s First Deemed to be University in Maritime Education

. Ph.D Programs


The post of Director (Research) has been created at Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET) on 23rd March 2011 exclusively to bolster Academic Research and Industry collaborated and sponsored research activities which inter alia will lead to publication of articles, research papers in National and International Peer reviewed Journals. He / She shall accord guidance and infrastructure facilitation to PhD, M.S, M.Tech and other scholars to carry out their research activities, without any hassle. The Director (Research), on behalf of Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET), shall publish Journals, Seminar Proceedings, Compendium, Books, Teaching Aids and Periodicals to enhance the contribution of the University in the field of Maritime Education and Academic Research, and Higher Education in Maritime Studies. He / She shall initiate and coordinate the submission of Project Proposals to Funding agencies, monitor the progress of the same till its logical conclusion.


In consonance with the University Status, favourable research environment with excellent infrastructure facilities shall be created within a time frame. Post Graduate and Doctoral research shall be given high impetus. In-house Research, Sponsored Projects and high quality publications shall be the top priority.


Conduct Periodical Technical Workshops, Seminars and Symposia with active participation of Field Experts to address the Faculty Members, Research Scholars and Students to bridge the knowledge gap.

Develop interest and awareness amongst the Scholars by presenting the gambit and modus operandi of Research and allied activities to motivate them to report their findings in an acceptable scholarly format.
Provide incentives for Research and Research Publications.

Create facility to enroll more Research Scholars in the Post Graduate and Doctoral Programs.
Periodical review of Doctoral and other Research processes with the eminent Scientists, Educationists and Academicians for necessary Programme correction.

Gathering and assimilation of the excellent skill set available with the Mariners for converting into Academical Frame work for the benefit of Student Community by the Publication of Practical Manuals. Periodical Conduct of Quality Improvement Programs and need based workshops for the enhancement of the Teaching Skills of Faculty Members.

Production of Audio - Visual Teaching Materials and Introduction of On-Line Tests for Interactive learning.

.Research AREAS

Consistent with the availability of the required infrastructure and the needs of the maritime industry, the Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET) shall provide facilities for research in the following areas:

Marine Engineering

  • Marine Engineering
  • Nautical Science
  • Naval Architecture
  • Offshore Engineering
  • Ocean Technology
  • Shipping Logistics Management
  • Maritime Law and Marine Insurance.
  • Maritime Fleet Operations Management
  • Marine Life Sciences
  • Allied/Interdisciplinary Fields


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