School Chair Persons

S.No. School Chairperson Name of the School Department
1 Prof. Bhoopathy Baskaran School of Marine Studies Dept. of Nautical Science
Dept. of Marine Engineering
2 Dr. T. Sasilatha School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Dept. of Information Technology
3 Dr. R. Karthikeyan School of Engineering and Technology Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Dept. of Mining Engineering
4 Prof. MSP. Raju School of Ocean Engineering Dept. of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
Dept. of Petroleum Engineering
Dept. of Harbour and Ocean Engineering
5 Dr. J. Rengamani School of Management Studies AMET Business School
Dept. of Commerce
6 Dr. L. Rajendran School of Science and Humanities Dept. of Mathematics
Dept. of Physics
Dept. of Chemistry
Dept. of English
Dept. of Physical Education
7 Prof. Dr. K. Altaff School of Biotechnology Dept. of Food Processing Technology
Dept. of Marine Biotechnology