ametunivAcademic Council

List of Members of the Academic Council 2021-22

S.No. Name of the Member Designation
The Vice Chancellor as Chairperson
I Col.Dr.G.Thiruvasagam
Vice Chancellor
The Registrar, as the Secretary of the Academic Council
II Dr.M.Jayaprakashvel
III. Dean(S) of Faculties
1 Mr.Bhoopathy Bhaskharan Principal DGS Courses
2 Capt.K.Karthik Dean-Nautical Science
3 Prof.Dr.R.Karthikeyan Dean, Employment, Training and Progress and HoD-Department of Mechanical Engineering
4 Prof.Dr.T.Sasilatha Dean - Academic
5 Prof.N.Srinivasan Dean - AMET Business School
6 Dr.N.R.Ramkumar Dean - Student Welfare
7 Dr.K.Duraipandian Dean - Faculty and Staff Welfare
IV. Heads of the Departments
1 Mr.MSP Raju Dept. of Naval Architecture
2 Dr.R.Srinivasan AMET Business School
3 Dr.L.Senthil Nathan Dept. of Marine Biotechnology
4 Dr.T.Nagalakshmi Dept. of Petroleum Engineering
5 Dr.K.S.Siva Subramanian Dept. of Mining Engineering
6 Mr.R.Theertham Dept. of HND-NS
7 Dr.John Wyson Dept. of Food Processing Technology
8 Capt.Samson Joseph Pre-Sea Modular Courses
9 Mrs.G.Vennila Dept. of Computer Science
10 Dr.KK.Sivakumar Dept. of Chemistry
11 Dr.L.Rajendran Dept. of Mathematics
12 Dr.S.Arjunan Dept. of Physics
13 Dr.P.Kulalmolial Dept. of English
14 Dr.K.Sekar Librarian
V. Professors other than the Heads of the Departments (By Rotation of Seniority)
1 Dr.J.Rengamani AMET Business School
2 Dr.D.Arivazhagan AMET Business School
3 Dr.M.Valliammal AMET Business School
4 Dr.G.Themozhi Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5 Dr.S.Priya Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
6 Dr.K.Altaff Dept. of Marine Biotechnology
7 Dr.A.Suresh Dept. of Marine Engineering
9 Dr.R.Rajavel Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
10 Dr.D.Madhesh Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
VI. Two Associate Professors from the Departments other than the Heads of the Departments by Rotation of Seniority
1 Mr.R.Sundararajan Associate Professor, Dept of Marine Engineering
2 Dr.D.Jaisankar Associate Professor, Dept of English
VII. Two Assistant Professors from the Departments by Rotation of Seniority
1 Mrs.R.Divyaranjani Assistant Professor, AMET Business School
2 Dr.P.Sivabalan Assistant Professor, Dept of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
VIII. Eminent educationist from other field related to the activities of the Institution / Deemed to be University who are not in the service of the Institution / Deemed to be University, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
1 Dr.K.Sivasami Associate Professor & Head - SMET at Indian Maritime University, Chennai
2 Dr.Kalyani Desikan Dean-Academic Research, VIT Chennai Campus
3 Dr.S.Swamynathan Professor of Information Technology Anna University
4 Dr.S.Rajadurai President, CEO and Head of R&D Sharda Motor Industries Ltd.
5 Dr.Chitra Krishnan Former Professor and Head, Department of French, University of Madras
IX. Three persons who are not members of the Teaching staff, co-opted by the Academic Council for their specialised knowledge
1 Capt.Saurabh Mahesh Head Crew Sourcing & Global Cadet Administration, Maersk Line, Singapore
2 Capt.Rohan Sabnis Manager (Fleet Personnel & Training), Goodwood Ship Management Pte. Ltd.
3 Mr.J.ShyamSundar Director & Chief Operating Officer Flyjac Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Student Representatives
1 Ms.Mohana Priya.V Reg.No.ASL19034, Yr: 2019-21
2 Mr.Naman Rastogi Reg No.ANS19026, 3rd year
3 Ms.Dhanushma Roll No.NA1136
4 Mr.Venkatesh Subramaniam Reg No.AMBT19009