M.Tech (Remote Sensing & GIS)

Duration: 4 Semesters

Eligibility: B.E./ B.Tech in Civil/ Geo Informatics/ CSE/ ECE/ EEE/ Agriculture Engg/ Urban & Regional Planning/ IT (OR) B.Sc., Agriculture/ Forestry/ Horticulture (4 years) (OR) M.Sc., Geology/ Applied Geology/ Geo Physics/ Geography/ Geography/ Geo Informatics/ Physics/ Maths/ Oceanography/ Environmental Science and Equivalent degree

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO1: Apply principles of Remote sensing and GIS to collect, map and retrieve spatial information

PEO2: Plan, assess and evaluate natural and manmade systems using geospatial models

PEO3: Use geospatial tools and techniques for hazard mitigation and resource planning

PEO4: Pursue research and develop capabilities to handle multi-disciplinary field projects

PEO5: Work in teams and demonstrate leadership skills with professional ethics.

Program Outcomes (PO)

PO1: Identify specific data and methodologies for effective mapping and evaluation of natural resources

PO2: Develop geospatial models and tools to address the social and engineering problems

PO3: Apply geospatial technologies for hazard mitigation and management

PO4: Design multi-criteria geospatial systems for decision making process

PO5: Work in a team using geospatial tools and environment to achieve project objectives

PO6: Pursue lifelong learning for professional advancement.

Programme Specific Objectives (PSOs)

PSO1: To establish the base knowledge on various aspects of coastal zone management and to provide the basic inputs for technical and social survivability for coastal community using state-of-art technology of Remote Sensing and GIS

PSO2: Effectively practice as professional Remote Sensing and GIS Modelers, Project Managers, and leaders in the maritime, defense, communication industries and/or a wide variety of other fields as engineers.