ametunivDepartment of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2007 with the commitment to prepare competent graduates who would be up to the challenge of implementing viable and sound IT solution specifically in marine, nautical and shipping application domains. In view of the need for such professionals, the curriculum is designed to stimulate the students’ urge for learning and are nurtured to cater to the demands of industry.

The Department places equal emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of Information Technology. The Department is facilitated with adequate computing infrastructures and a Department library. Having the Faculty with rich expertise on IT domain knowledge, they are able to mentor and facilitate the students to be competent enough for industries, higher studies and research.


  • Effective Teaching-Learning through Flipped Class practicing activity based learning to cater to the need of a wide spectrum of learners
  • Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) for making learning as an experience
  • CBCS based curriculum is updated at regular period to satisfy the requirements of employability and Higher studies
  • The department has 3 labs with 135 computer systems of state – of - art to support the core disciplines for their curriculum
  • Faculty members are actively involved in Research Publications, Innovations through Patent and Industrial, Consultancy Projects
  • Faculty Development Programmes and Workshops and Invited Talks are organizedat regular intervals