Intramural Games
Match Format League Basis
Individual Events Swimming & Athletics (Field Events)
Points System Winners  - 3 Points
Runners - 2 Points
Draw - 1 Point
  • The DG and NON DG courses (separately) are divided by 4 different houses.
  • All the house matches will be played by League basis.
  • All the team members should report to the respective game official 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  • Team / House captains are responsible for overall conduct and obedience of the players.
  • All the players should dress in proper sports attire.
  • All players are request to extend their cooperation with the Sports Captains and the respective Team Captains.
  • In case of any confusion or quarrel the concern team captain may contact the Department.
  • The decision of the Faculty, Department of Physical Education will be final.

On the basis of point system the house teams will be Awarded Overall championship in the name of SHRI G.JANAKIRAMAN MEMORIAL TROPHY