About The Department of Physical Education

The department of physical education is well equipped with modern infrastructure and includes activities like Swimming and All sports and Games etc. Sports are intact a way of life for the cadets / students conscious of health fitness.

Physical Education is an integral part of AMET Curriculum.

  • Physical Education is a part of AMET Academic Curriculum.
  • AMET is the first Deemed to be university in Maritime Education in India. All the cadets / students are studying Sailing and Offshore engineering courses.
  • AMET specially framed a separate curriculum and workload according to the cadets / students required for the sailing and offshore profession.
  • The cadets / students need appropriate attention for fitness than other engineering course students.

So, AMET provide basic fitness activities for the cadets to become physically confident which supports their health to maintain fitness.


AMET is the first Residential Deemed to be University and also cadets are staying in the hostel throughout the course.
Cadets  need relaxation and recreation to mind and body. So the department of Physical Education provides Sports and Recreation activities to refresh the cadets / students. The Department of  Physical Education plays an Vital role in the Personality Development and Leadership Quality of cadets / students involving them in various sports activities. The Physical Educators elucidate about knowledge of health. The team selection trial has been conducted for various games and the players were participated in various Inter University, (AIU), Inter Collegiate, National Inter Maritime tournaments and open tournaments. The Department of Physical Education conducts Intramural competition every year, in which all cadets are participating enthusiastically and brining laurels to the institutions. In order to excel the sports activities to the students the Department of Physical Education Paying separate attention for Swimming.  Swimming test is a part of Examination curriculum (1 credit) for all the DG courses and one semester for offshore Engineering courses.