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Programmes Offered

The Department of English, Academy of Maritime Education and Training had its inception in the year 2001. English language is taught to all the cadets/students of the University. The main aim of the Department is to equip all the cadets/students with the necessary communication skills in English Language and make them competitive for the outside world. The department faculty members stretch their innovative approach to train the cadets/students of the University who are from different parts of the Country.

The Centre for Communication and Personality Development (CCPD) aims at enriching the language of the students and help them have an in depth knowledge in English language and make them the best communicator and its main intention is to help learners to develop language skills. The course is designed for the students who come from different cultures and speak different languages. “English for International Communication” Course helps the students to enhance LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing) skills and apply in everyday life.

An intensive IELTS exam coaching (by CCPD) is provided to the students who seek for the higher studies in UK as part of their twinning program with AMET, South Tynside College, UK and City of Glasgow College, UK. Since its inception, the Centre for CCPD has catered to the international students of Angola, Nigeria, Yemen, Syria, Dubai, Iran, Djbouti, etc. The students are sponsored by companies like NIMASA, (Nigeria), Sonangol Shipping Ltd (Angola), NYK Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. TEEKAY Shipping Pvt. Ltd, SONATIDE Marine Ltd. and UASC. The CCPD preparation course and modules help the learners to learn the language at its best, it fetches them the best platform to enrich their skills with no interference of the native language and that experience help them to achieve a good score. The International English Language Testing System tests observes the student’s ability and knowledge in spoken and written communication. The students are being tested on four levels i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing(LSRW).

AMET Centre for CCPD has been certified as an IELTS registration centre by the British Council and is also a Gold member of the British council IELTS Partnership Programme 2014/2015.

The department has a well-equipped Language Laboratory in an air-conditioned environment. It has adequate software to provide training to the students in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills. The Department imparts the required communicative training through the latest and learner friendly software like Author Plus and Clarity English. The language laboratory supports the University cadets/students to improve their English Language Skills. The Faculty members monitor the cadets/students inside the Laboratory and provide learning environment. The laboratory is well-equipped with 50 computers and a server. Besides teaching hours, the department organizes a number of activities like debate, extempore, role-play, etc.

    Programme Objectives

    1. To enable students attain linguistic and grammatical competence.
    2. To achieve fluency and accuracy in the targeted language.
    3. To equip students with much competence in real life communication.

    Programme Outcomes

    1. Recognize, explain, and use the formal elements of specific genres of organizational communication.
    2. Practice the unique qualities of professional rhetoric and writing style.
    3. Develop professional work habits and help them value collaborative and cooperative learning in the classroom.
    4. Participate actively in writing activities that relates to scientific and technical communication in the workplace.
    5. Make inferences and predictions about spoken discourse.
    6. Use communication strategies to participate in groups.