Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Overview: The Centre for Artificial Intelligence is a unique centre of AMET. This Department offers a 3-years B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and B.Sc. Data Science degree programmes.

Vision: To attain academic excellence and research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science on a national and global scale.

Mission: Providing high-quality programs to prepare students for job market needs, research and innovation skills.

Programmes Offered


Sl No Name of the Faculty Designation Profile
1Dr. T. SasilathaProfessor View
2Dr. K. KomathyProfessor View
3Mrs. G. VennilaAssistant ProfessorView
4Mr. K. Dinesh KumarAssistant ProfessorView
5Mr. B. Prabhu ShankarAssistant ProfessorView
6Mrs. J. JenithaAssistant ProfessorView