Testimonial AMETIANS

I belong to the 2nd batch of Diploma in Maritime studies. Starting my career with AMET was the wisest choice of my life. This University has high standard and well- qualified faculties both on academic and practical departments. Most of all, the training emphasised on discipline towards career which helped me lead a successful life in my society.

R.Rathish Kumar
Chief Engineer - Seateam Management Pvt. Ltd

The Academic experience through excellent faculty at AMET University has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. The exceptional programmes and practical training and teaching methodologies backed by good skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members of AMET has enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey.

Anil Kumar Reddy
Chief Officer - MSI Shipping

Being a Seafarer takes you places and the one thing common in all the countries and continents i have visited is that, Indians are everywhere. From Las Palmas to Las Vegas and Reykjavik to Richards Bay, one is likely to find a desi person just going about with his life. In a similar fashion, being an AMETian, from my first assignment as a deck cadet to my current engagement as a chief mate, I have never sailed on a ship where I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting an AMETian . In my personal experience, AMETians are the Indians of the seafarer dimension. You are bound to bump into one from the day you embark till you sign off. AMET for me was, and still is, a place where I forged new bonds with my fellow mates. Its schedule and the way they operate is the perfect blend between professional growth and personal development.

Manoj Kumar
Chief Officer - Maersk Tankers

The blue vast oceans test a man's Calibre. It requires mentally tough and physically fit people who can navigate through the oceans. AMET provided me the right set of knowledge and skillset to be a disciplined and evolved sailor. I feel proud to say that I belong to the B.E Marine Technology batch which was a cadetship Training program provided by AMET in collaboration with AP Moller

Vilas Shukla
Chief Officer on Maersk Tankers

The journey from boy to man requires dedication and discipline. At AMET, I realised that sailing is not for the people who are in disciplined and non-dedicated. The initial days at AMET were tough, but it is these tough days that brings the best out of you. Our batch taught me what a good team work is and our college taught me what the right knowledge and motivation can lead to.

Sushil Sahu
Chief Officer at Maersk line

I never knew about the reality about shipping before I joined AMET. The very first days itself were an eye-opener to me. Slowly and steadily I came to know about the will and courage it requires to be a seaman . The well versed and competent faculty of AMET made sure that we become a successfully seafarer. Right now I have moved to Canada but even then the years spent at AMET campus would be always etched in my memory.

Kharag Singh
Chief Officer - BC Ferried, Canada.

Sailing always fascinated me from childhood , the very passion of exploring vast seas and beyond made me join AMET. At AMET I learnt and developed the essential skills which has not only helped in professional life but also on my personal life. When I look back at my days at college it floods me with memories which cannot be defined by words.

Robin Sharma
Chief Officer on Maersk Tankers

Really happy and proud to be graduated from AMET and have a good level of respect in the industry when I tell everyone as an AMETIAN. I always firmly believe that Hardwork pays off and it is so visible at AMET. Gone around the whole world as "AMET"ian, I am always grateful to the University. Now, I am about to step onto a next level in my promotion ladder which will happen very soon. Thanks to AMET and all the Chief engineers who taught us.

G. Yogaraj
BE.(ME) - 10
Second Enginer - APL Singapore

I am indebted to AMET University for a lot of things, but mostly I am grateful for the exposure it has given me. My study at AMET has given me opportunity to attend several workshops which helped me have a good start for fruitful career at sea. AMET plays a vital role in my life both in Academics and personal life. My mentors and faculty identified my strength to refine them for a successful career. I recommend every aspiring student who are all passionate about sea, to study in AMET to enrich their lives

Balaji .C
BSc Nautical Science (2007-2010)
Second Officer - Orient Ship Management

AMET basically was a turning point in my life. The training at AMET was very helpful during cadetship and more practical oriented. It gave me confidence to face situations and stand up on my own self. Hostel life at AMET is a special mention which had created a special bonding and especially taught me to be an independent individual. It has also helped to be in group and get along with all natives without any disparity among us.

Abiram Sreenivas
BSc Nautical Science
Deck Cadet - Chevron

AMET University played a pivotal role in shaping my career and my attitude as a whole to life, reality and dream building. I stand a testimony today, as the India's First Female Marine Pilot, of what wonders a group of dedicated faculty can do and what transformation can they bring about in a teen. The rigorous training made me tough and I turned out to be a fighter and I never give up. I thank my parents for believing me in choosing this career and I am always grateful to all my faculties and mentors. Wishing AMET many more years of success in being a lighthouse for the young of this nation and May the tribe of AMET multiply tenfold and prosper!

Reshma Nilofer
Marine Pilot