ametunivSchool of Biotechnology

School of Biotechnology in AMET Deemed to be a university is a developing research institute in India, that is actively engaged in teaching, research and extension activities in biological science. The school has an excellent reputation in Biotechnology teaching and research. The school of biotechnology receives extra-mural research funds from the Individual faculty from private, National and International funding agencies. The school stands unique research school in the AMET deemed to be university multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and research in life sciences have established permanent roots. The uniqueness of the school essentially lies in the fact that within the school’s faculty experts and active researchers are representing almost all areas of modern biology. The school believes that postgraduate teaching, to be effective, must be done by teachers who are also actively involved in research in their respective areas of specialization. The school has also made pioneering efforts in biological sciences.

School of biotechnology offers undergraduate and post-graduate programmes such as M.Sc Marine Biotechnology, B.Tech Food Processing Technology by this faculty are regular programmes that would lead to a Postgraduate degree in the respective subjects. These programmes offer a package of certain courses and some elective courses that allow effective interaction among students of different disciplines. The novelty of the programmes is in the inter-disciplinary curriculum with a pronounced accent on frontier areas of knowledge.