Dear Alumni,

       The standard of an Educational Institution could be appraised with the yardstick that how many of its products occupy the exalted positions after their successful completion of studies. No doubt this sort of accreditation would ultimately disseminate the name and fame of the concerned Institution as well. As such alumni of every educational Institution are considered to be its asset, in the sense - they are its intellectual property on a permanent footing. Moreover, the nurtured relationship between the Alumni and their Alma mater is a never ending one and would always perpetuate throughout their life time.
I am extremely glad to note that having the above said principles in mind, the AMET University has formed an Association in the name and style of ďAMET Alumni Association - A3 with a main objective for a sustained relationship and interaction among its passed out students. It also gives me immense pleasure that within a very short span of time, the passed out students of the AMET University evinced much interest to associate themselves with this Forum and around 3000 of them have so far enrolled as members.

I am much thankful to our President, Dr.J.Ramachandran for having mooted out the very idea of forming such an Association, besides his continued encouragement and patronage for the welfare of A3. My appreciation goes to Mrs.Sangeetha V.Albin, the Working President who has taken much interest in coordinating the activities of the Association and to arrange for a get-together of all its members on 1st Saturday of February of every year. I would also like to record my sincere appreciation to Mr.Nakul Malhotra, President A3 and all the Officer Bearers of Association, more particularly Prof.Bhoopathy Bhaskaran, Faculty-Coordinator for their support and cooperation for the effective functioning of AMET Alumni Association.

I wish the programmes planned by the A3 to be very constructive, purposeful and useful to the Alumni and their Alma Mater.

With kind regards,

Col. Dr. G. Thiruvasagam
Vice-Chancellor, AMET University.