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In the competitive world scenario, industry demands specific skill set from students at the entry level itself. Generally, due to the rapid development of technology, some of the skills that are taught to students for specific curriculum goals in educational institutions will sooner or later become redundant. No university curriculum can adequately cover all need of the hour topics. It is important for higher education institutions to supplement the curriculum so that students can have a better ability to meet industry needs and develop their own interests and skills. Along with the outstanding academic learning, students are practically oriented with the different skill sets, bridging the gap between the academics and the industrial, societal needs.

Value Added Course

AMET aims and continues nurturing students to develop into industry-ready professionals and competent entrepreneurs. AMET offers a wide variety of Value-Added Courses to help students gain exposure to the latest in technological developments, to provide an opportunity to develop inter-disciplinary skills and to equip them with skill set which shapes their profile.


The main objectives of the Value-Added Course are:
  • To improve employability skills of students.
  • To bridge the skill gaps and make students industry ready.
  • To provide an opportunity to students to develop inter-disciplinary skills.
  • To mold students to become entrepreneur.

List of Value Added courses

Program Value Added Course
Dept. of Marine EngineeringBasic Safety Training (BST)
High Voltage Operational Level
Dept. of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDesign and Development of Basic Robotics
Hybrid Energy Generation Systems
Industrial Automation using PLC & SCADA
Industrial Process Control and Instrumentation
Design and Development of Robots
Fundamentals of Electronics
Control Systems
Dept. of Information TechnologyExcel for Engineers
Web Designing
Dept. of Mechanical EngineeringCAD Using CREO
CNC Programing & Practice
Design Thinking & Innovation
Industrial Robotics
Industrial Automation
Dept. of Mining EngineeringBasics of Mine Safety
GIS software Training
Dept. of Naval Architecture and Offshore EngineeringAdvanced Welding Technology in Shipbuilding
FRP as a construction material for marine application
Dept. of Petroleum EngineeringProduction and Reservoir Engineering
AMET Business SchoolBBA Shipping
EXIM Procedure
Digital Media Marketing
XIM Documentation
Content Marketing

Customs Documentation
International Strategic Alliances / Social Media Marketing
EXIM Procedure and Documentation
Icegate Training
Dept. of CommerceAdvanced Excel
Exim Trade
Dept. of MathematicsMATLAB Programming
Statistical Methods FOR Data Analysis
Dept. of PhysicsApplied Industrial spectroscopy
Non-Destructive Testing Techniques
Dept. of ChemistryGreen Agrochemicals and Sustainable Agriculture
Dept. of Food Processing TechnologyAdvance in Food Process Engineering
Advancement in Food Processing
Dept. of Marine BiotechnologyBioreactor Design and Analysis

Skill Development Programs

Skill Development Center provides adequate training in soft skill, language and communication skills, life skills and awareness on the latest technology through various programs.
  • Soft skills
  • Language and communication skills
  • Life skills (Yoga, physical fitness, health and hygiene)
  • Awareness of trends in technology

Career Development Programs

At the AMET University, career development is integrative instead of merely transactional. The future career success is built right into your entire academic experience.

The AMET Career Development Center is committed to providing all students quality services and developmental opportunities that support the educational objectives. Our goal is to advance students and alumni toward their career trajectory by providing career consultation and support and teaching them how to become active participants in their own continuing career development and success.

The Career Development Centre with leading members dedicated to guide the students on creating a clear career plan, setting realistic career goals and a planned timetable on professional development for their future.

Higher studies

  • IELTS – to study, work or get training for their jobs in an English-speaking country
  • GATE - for admission into the Master’s Program and Job in Public Sector Companies

Coaching for Govt. Exam

Aspiring students those who are willing to join the civil services provided with structured training in association with the recognized coaching institute.

Foreign Language Training

Courses in foreign languages like French, Japanese and German are provided in order to empower students to take up global careers.

Awareness Programs

Frequent events conducted on the topics of
  • Defense Services
  • UPSC Examinations
  • TNPSC Examinations
  • Entrepreneur / Startup