ametunivAMET’s Semester Abroad Programmes

AMET Deemed to be University is a pioneering University in India offering a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes.The Semester Abroad Programme at AMET is a unique and first of its kind in India. The Semester Abroad Programme encourages the undergraduate and postgraduate students to pursue a semester in a university abroad. The students would be eligible to do the pre-final semester in the university abroad based on his or her choice. After the successful completion of the semester abroad in the related discipline, the students would be returning back to AMET and complete the graduation or post-graduation programme. The credits acquired by the students in the university abroad will be transferred to AMET and hence the students would be eligible to continue and complete their studies.

The Semester Abroad Programme provides an opportunity to the students to have an international exposure and also to learn the techniques and processes in the global perspective. The Semester Abroad Programme enables the students to face the global competitive market in an efficient manner and hence it provides more confidence among the students to face the recruiters effectively.

AMET has chartered out the required academic performance of students till the pre-final semester and the students who possess the high level of academic performance would automatically be eligible for the Semester Abroad Programme and also would raise up to the level and the expectations of the university abroad. The students who would be pursuing the Semester Abroad Programme should necessarily possess the right attitude and rigour in the studies so that he or she would complete the semester abroad without much hassle and return back to AMET to complete the graduation or post-graduation programme.

Merits of AMET’s Semester Abroad Programmes

The Semester Abroad Programme is a unique programme in which the students would be allowed to pursue the Semester Abroad in-between their course of study and transfer the academic credits to AMET. The Semester Abroad Programme provides:

  • An excellent Global Exposure in the field of their study
  • A good opportunity to learn the concepts and techniques in an international perspective
  • An opportunity to hone their skill sets
  • An excellent platform to interact with the international experts
  • An opportunity to learn the global technology
  • A facility to interact with the international researchers
  • A value addition to the education and Curriculum Vitae
  • An opportunity to equip themselves in an additional manner
  • A facility to inculcate new ideas so as to have their own start-ups
  • An opportunity to pursue higher studies
  • An opportunity to broaden the knowledge level and face the recruiters in a confident manner

Procedure for AMET’s Semester Abroad Programme

The career prospects of the graduates are excellent, Graduates could take roles such as:

  • The procedure forAMET’s Semester Abroad Programme is simple and transparent:
    • Good academic performance throughout the course of study
    • Strong determination to pursue the Semester Aboard Programme
    • Required knowledge level in the subject area
    • Good communication skills
    • Good attitude and etiquette
    • Financial support by the family
  • The students will be assessed by the respective department heads and will also be appraised by the Office of International Relations of the University.
  • The students will be interviewed by the authorities from the international university in which the students have opted to pursue the semester abroad programme.
  • The assessment of students who are planning to pursue the semester abroad programme will start one-semester ahead of the planned time period, that is, in the month of January every year in order to fly abroad in July of the same year.
  • When the students are selected to pursue the semester abroad programme, a complete training and counselling will be given to the students in AMET before going abroad just to ensure their behaviour in the university abroad. This is done to ensure that the students must necessarily maintain the reputation of AMET at all times and return back to AMET on-time in the safe manner.
  • The semester abroad programme can be decided at the time of admissions itself.